Harborfront Slabs

2019-06-16T16:36:07-04:00Sold Properties|

Sold! Working with our affiliates in New Jersey, Garay Real Estate helped bring Harborfront Slabs to contract on the waterfront in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

60 E. 79th Street

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Snapshot Space and lifestyle was certainly an important issue for Kenneth Fred when purchasing an Apartment in New York City. Coming from the suburbs of New Jersey and

49 North 8th Street

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Sold This property was sold as part of a 1031 exchange. The purchasers bought this Condo Apartment as part of an investment. Our firm immediately rented out this

5203 Church Ave

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Fully built medical office building. Immaculate interior finishes. This property is ideal for a user or investor. Up and coming East Flatbush location. * Price: $5.8 Million *

325 Clinton Ave

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Snapshot Catherine Schiller, a young software engineer, in Manhattan was looking to purchase an Apartment. Coming from Upstate, New York, and being a first time home buyer, Catherine

310 E. 46th Street

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Snapshot When I first met Neil and Terri Goldstein, they expressed interest in purchasing an investment property in Manhattan. With a budget of $600,000 and the need to finance