240 E. 76th Street

2019-06-17T07:58:38-04:00Sold Properties|

Snapshot Rosemarie Malone recently sold her Brooklyn townhouse and was in process of structuring a 1031 transaction. She needed to find an investment property in Manhattan in the $500,000

239 Carlton Ave

2019-06-17T07:58:46-04:00Sold Properties|

Snapshot The Yellip family wanted to purchase an Apartment for their daughter in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Janette, their daughter had a very specific criteria and location of preference

2352 Linwood Avenue

2019-06-16T13:54:18-04:00Sold Properties|

Snapshot The Karamitis family wanted to purchase a two bedroom Apartment in northern, New Jersey, to increase living space for their family. With a growing child, their current

210 East 47th Street

2019-06-17T07:58:54-04:00Sold Properties|

Snapshot May and her son, Hallah, were looking to purchase an Apartment. Having lived in Syria for many years, they were accustomed to large space and lots of

159 East 30th Street

2019-06-17T07:59:01-04:00Sold Properties|

Snapshot Kristen Smith was in charge of selling her family property. Her objective was to obtain a high price and sell within a quick period of time for various

1001 Flatbush Avenue

2019-06-17T07:59:09-04:00Sold Properties|

Snapshot The Itshaki Brothers were looking to sell their building in "As Is" condition. They had previously marketed this property for a number of years. The building was