Space and lifestyle was certainly an important issue for Kenneth Fred when purchasing an Apartment in New York City. Coming from the suburbs of New Jersey and living in a 7,000 sf house on 2 acres of land, the idea of transitioning into smaller space in Manhattan was quite daunting.


Finding an Apartment or “home” with a several million dollar budget may sound surprising, but in Manhattan the average price per square foot can be in the $1500 per month range. ¬†Kenneth wanted to purchase a property with large square footage in a small building, which can be challenging to find.


After almost 1 year of actively looking at Apartments, we found the perfect property in a townhouse building offering more than 2,000 SF.

60 E. 79th Street offered a top floor duplex penthouse with soaring high ceilings, tremendous light and a terrace to boot. As part of the transaction. another floor in the building was purchased as an investment property.

The Present

Kenneth Fred and his wife are extremely happy living in the property. This is a gem that has already doubled in value. It was an outstanding investment in one of the most prestigious locations in all of Manhattan.

I am now invited over for regular barbecues and gatherings.

We will be working on future real estate transactions together.