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Soho Lofts

The SoHo Lofts, A New Era

SoHo Lofts are some of the most elegant, charming, and irresistible Apartments in Manhattan to call home.

Visionaries have taken the opportunity to make the North Eastern part of New Jersey an optimal location for creating a large sphere of influence that could bring variety and diversity to a large portion of Hudson county’s urban centers such as Hoboken which is in close proximity to the SoHo Lofts. 

There is an understanding among those who live in major cities that anything and everything will move quickly and evolve at a rapid rate. Although we assume that constant development and growth is an essential part of a world that’s moving forward we may forget that there are hidden treasures outside the city scope.

Living in a major city has many advantages for those equipped with the understanding that every time they walk out the door there will be something different and mesmerizing.

From the desire to provide architecturally rich homes without the unattainable price tag, the SoHo Lofts located in Jersey City have been born and designed to include amenities all your friends and family will be jealous of. 

There are plenty of push and pull factors that keep city dwellers happy or looking for other ways to inject themselves into the hustle and bustle of what’s going on outside their front doors, but new visions for real estate development have ultimately given birth to the newest concepts for luxury rentals and homes outside the scope of a bustling New York City. 

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The SoHo Lofts are a piece of heaven on Earth thanks to their placement on 16th street with a bird’s eye view of downtown Jersey City. Becoming open to infusing new experiences, cultures, and ideas is a fundamental part of why communities like this continue to grow into centers of life.

Relocating brings into question the accessibility of reliable and time efficient methods of transportation but as a result of the proximity of the SoHo Lofts to the big apple it is undeniable how effortless it will be to learn what works best. 

Commuting whether it is for business or pleasure will become a dreaded task of the past, it will no longer take precious time away from your morning routine that could be used for other important tasks or preparation.

The SoHo Lofts proximity to the Hudson opens the door to many opportunities and accessible ways to get more bang for your buck.

Transportation is a precious commodity, and if you take the leap to become a part of this vibrant community you’ll get to experience the perks of this exclusive world.

There are plenty of options to navigate a potential commuter life style and the follow are the most notable:

  1. Complimentary shuttles offered by the building
  2. Accessibility to the nearby PATH Stations
  3. Accessibility to the New York Waterway Ferry Terminals.

For those looking to relocate or have a change of pace to optimally utilize their free time the New Jersey Turnpike and Parkway are the pearly gates to the Northern, Central, and most Southern points of the beautiful garden state.

Fit for a King

Everyone deserves the opportunity to wake up in the home beautiful enough to earn its very own spread in Architectural Digest.

Suburban life takes a splash of the metropolitan area, mixes it with interpersonal desires, and tops it off with a new sphere of influence making it the perfect sweet and savory treat. 

The benefits of living within a suburban area are endless, however some major perks include:

  1. Reasonable housing prices
  2. The luxury of privacy
  3. Copious amounts of amenities
  4. Quality of life
  5. Opportunities

If the thought of leaving behind your precious urban life style gives you a sense of premature nostalgia take a minute and allow yourself to be flooded with relief because there are plenty of reasons why you should take that leap of faith. 

The SoHo Lofts are designed to mimic the radiant and sophisticated features offered in the five boroughs without the outrageous price tags. 

One, two, three or four-bedroom apartments are available for rent while there are a limited number of spaces which have been designed to emulate the structure of modern townhomes.

Some residential features include 10-foot-high ceilings that allow a generous amount of light to seep into the open space, while expansive windows with sound insulating glass that aids in stopping any prolonged noises. Although the glass will keep the noise out it will not keep out the beautiful views of the Jersey City and New York City skylines. 

Other visible features include:

  1. Exposed Spiral DuctWork
  2. European White Oak Flooring
  3. White Shaker Style Cabinets with Glass Accent Doors
  4. Black Galaxy Granite Countertops

State of the art equipment includes:

  1. Whirlpool Washers and Dryers
  2. Solar Shades in All Bedrooms
  3. Rain Showerheads 

All Access 


The layout of the SoHo Lofts has taken inspiration from several of the most popular luxury destinations which include popular hotels and resorts. These facilities take the most important parts of a resident’s personality and offers them tailored experiences to build an integrated culture.

Whether you are a self-proclaimed workaholic, gym enthusiast, or looking to raise a family in a safe and inclusive environment there are several resources available for you and others with similar personality types.  

A few of these accommodations include:

  1. Private Conference Rooms
  2. A Tech Lounge
  3. Fitness Center
  4. 10 Person Sauna
  5. Dog Grooming Rooms
  6. Expansive Children’s Play Area

Now instead of asking yourself “What would I do?” you can ask yourself “What can I do”

Seasonal activities are a staple for the SoHo Lofts which include an infinity edge pool with aqua jets for the ultimate relaxation which go hand in hand with the available private poolside cabanas with audio control and charging stations for you and your guests.

If you’re feeling that summertime sadness when that time of year comes don’t forget to enjoy the Zen garden, resident event pavilion, and the gas grills with preparation stations before the season ends. 

At the end of the day, who says you can’t have it all for the price of one?

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