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13 Key Reasons to Work with a Buyer’s Broker

Working with a buyer’s agent and not a seller’s agent is critical to your Apartment purchase:

  1.  It’s Free! – There is no cost to a buyer. The seller pays the fee.
  2. Exclusive Buyer’s Representation – We work directly for you
  3. Fiduciary responsibility – A seller’s agent has fiduciary responsibility to the seller. Approaching a seller’s agent will not result in your interest when it comes to negotiating price.
  4. Extensive Coop & Condo Board package – Lengthy and complicated board package completion
  5. Tools & Resources – Exclusive tools & technology available to Keller Williams that may real estate firms do not have
  6. Negotiating Skills – Buyers agents negotiate hard for our clients to get the best price
  7. Disclosure of Information – Buyers agents verify all information and details that may not be disclosed to you by the sellers agent as a direct buyer
  8. Market Analysis and Comparables – A buyer’s agent provides data & analytics to ensure a wise investment purchase and not pay above market value
  9. Daily extensive searches – Buyers agents conduct multiple database searches not available to the public, along with knowledge of off-market properties.
  10. Co-Op Board Prep – We provide what to say and not to say and we role play the interview process with you
  11. Financial Review – Review your financial documents to properly determine your budget and creating flexible way to finance your Apartment, taking into account proper reserves you need to satisfy a co-op or condo board and bylaws
  12. Trusted Vendors – Introduction to trusted vendors including mortgage brokers, attorneys, title companies, appraisers, contractors, architects and more
  13. Honesty, Integrity and Professional Experience