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  • 170 East 78th Street

The Beauty of 170 East 78th Street. Prime Upper East Side

As the designated Streeteasy and Zillow expert for 170 East 78th Street and someone with vast experience in Upper East Side sales, I can confidently state this building is a winner!

First and foremost, 78th Street is located on a stunning tree-lined block, one of the prettiest streets in the neighborhood. Many of the trees on this block are maintained by the New York preservation society. In fact, the new Owner for Apartment 3F, a unit that I recently sold, is on the committee for this historical Organization.

78th Street is known as a charming, townhouse-lined block planted with a lush array of trees, as well as flowering spring and summer gardens. Unfortunately, with the continuous new construction Condominium developments in New York City, many historical aspects and features of Manhattan tend to fall by the waste side. This has made 170 East 78th that much more desirable.

Built in 1927, this 170 East 78th Street is 9 stories and features 34 units. With easy access to the Harlem River Drive, crosstown tunnel and subway, this building is located in a prime location for many types of residents.

170 East 78th Street Unique Attributes

  • Boutique Nature and Affordability: Finding a 30 unit Co-Op on the prime Upper East Side with this level of service and affordability is hard to find. In most cases, the typical Co-Op building is either much larger or offers Park Avenue prices. 170 East 78th splits the difference.
  • White glove service: The Doormen, Super and staff are wonderful. They exude professionalism and are friendly to all residents and guests.
  • Spectacular lobby: Upon entrance, there is a domed cathedral style sitting area in the marble foyer. It exudes an italianesque feel that is unique to this building.
  • Unique Apartment layouts: Half of its 30 units boast double height, approximately 13” living room ceilings and huge casement windows.
  • Meticulous Board and Management: The executive team leaves no stone unturned. They want the best for the building and all of their residents.
  • Steps from Central Park: Enjoy the privilege of living several blocks from the most famous park in the world. Whether you are a full-time resident or purchasing as a Pied a Terre, the ability to frequent Central park on a frequent basis is a true gift.

Selling Apartment 3F in the building provided an opportunity to gain vast knowledge of this wonderful Co-Op. As a lifelong New Yorker growing up in a Manhattan real estate family, it’s always stimulating to experience new properties. For those looking to purchase in this neighborhood, there are some wonderful restaurants that I would highly recommend.

Excellent Local Restaurants

While I have sold in many top-tier buildings throughout New York City, 170 East 78th Street is a premier Co-Op for a myriad of reasons. It is not a cookie-cutter and offers one of a kind Apartments.

For more information on this building and representation for luxury Apartments in Manhattan, please contact me below!



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