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Foreign Investment in New York City: A Time to Buy

New York City is home to some of the worlds greatest Real Estate. Owning a piece of property in Manhattan is a very special opportunity and an incredible investment for future generations.

During the past several years, Manhattan prices have been exorbitant. Apartment values have been overpriced and the returns on multi-family buildings has been very low. 

However, for the the first time in almost a decade, the values have dropped significantly. It is an exceptional time to buy especially if you are looking to hold long-term. 

For a foreign investor, the ability to purchase a stable asset at an affordable price should be an investment opportunity that is highly regarded.

With the exception of London and perhaps a few other key cities, New York City is the premier location to park money into Real Estate. There will always be demand for both buyers and renters. New York is a financial capital of the world and will always hold valuable jobs.

Ideal Investment Properties for Foreign Investors

  1. Condo Apartments – A great asset to purchase. These units are ideal for foreign investors. The Condo market has currently declined in value. The upside is future appreciation. Annual returns will be low, but the true value is the appreciation the unit. This is a very stable and safe investment
  2. Multi-Family Building – With the implementation of the new rent stabilization laws, multi-family buildings have decreased slightly in value at present time. Returns have risen to 5% in certain cases. This is the ideal time to buy a building. Achieve economic of scale with your operations and maximize efficiency. A building in Manhattan will be a great investment property for years to come
  3. Strip Centers – An ideal cash flowing opportunity. These assets are typically found outside of New York City. They are anchored by large tenants and can generate 6-8% returns . In many cases the tenant pays the taxes and maintenance on the property. Sit back, relax and collect a check

New Construction Luxury Condo Buildings

  1. Madison House – 15 East 30th
  2. Central Park Tower – 217 West 57th
  3. Beckford Residences – 301 East 80th
  4. Dahlia – 212 West 95th
  5. One Manhattan Square – 252 South Street
  6. 53 W 53 – 53 West 53rd
  7. 40 Bleecker Street
  8. Sione – 171 Suffolk Street
  9. 171 Madison Avenue
  10. 121 East 22nd Street

Keys to an Effective Purchase

  1. Strong and desirable location
  2. Near Public Transportation
  3. Amenities in Building
  4. Reasonably Priced Common Charges and Taxes
  5. Building Maintenance on Premises
  6. Washer/Dryer in Apartment
  7. Open Views
  8. Great Light
  9. Efficient Floorplan
  10. High Ceilings

A Turnkey Solution for Foreign Investors

When purchasing an asset in a foreign Country, it is important to have a trustworthy team in-place to assist with the property near and long-term. Every buyer needs a “Go-To” team in place that is on the ground at any given time. Whether it’s collecting a rent check, repairing an Air Conditioning system or assisting with a new lease, a trusted contact is always needed.

As a Real Estate Broker and investor for many years, my team has assembled a network of extraordinary people to assist with any transaction. These include:

  • Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Lenders
  • Title Specialists
  • Contractors
  • Painters

We have an array of experienced and honest resources that can assist with your next transaction.

Contact Us

To inquire about New York City investments, please contact us at garayrealestate@gmail.com.

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