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Gramercy Apartments


Gramercy Apartments

Gramercy Apartments 

Looking to buy a Gramercy Apartments Condo or Co-op? If you are thinking about purchasing in this special neighborhood, you will not be disappointed.

This location provides you with the opportunity to become a part of a subtle, yet vivacious community, while experiencing a small-town feel. 

Gramercy Park provides you with easy access to restaurants, bars shops and public transportation.  If you are lucky enough, you may even get a key to the park.

Gramercy Apartments are a stretch of beautifully colored and meticulously crafted buildings. They are set in centrally located oasis outside the hustle of Midtown Manhattan.

These large and colorful brownstones are some of the most beautiful in the city. They provide space and versatility for all your personal needs and desires. 

The man in charge of creating this beautiful 2 acre masterpiece was Samuel Ruggle. He had a vision. Gramercy Park would become the heart of this beautiful neighborhood, but it’s residents would become its soul.

He laid the foundations for a community that has flourished in ways that have changed the game for city planning.

Natural charm and beauty are unique to many Gramercy Apartments. They have been able to maintain the prestige throughout many years of change and modernization.

Gramercy Apartments Location

Gramercy Apartments are situated in a spot that offers a mix of the best of uptown and downtown in a compact space.

This secluded, quiet, and safe neighborhood is in close proximity to much busier areas. These include Murray Hill, Flatiron, Greenwich Village and the East village. 


On the move 

One of the most important means of transportation for anyone living in a fast-paced environment are the trains that form the veins of the city. 

Accessibility to reliable transportation for quick and easy commutes are why the Gramercy Apartments are a great place to reside. 

Your means of transportation are as close as the 4, 5, and 6 trains as well as the N, Q, E, and L lines.


Gramercy Apartments


Everyday Life in Gramercy Apartments

To call an exuberant place like this your own will bring you satisfaction.

ms. They are perfect for a casual wine night or a reunion with friends and family.

From amusing to sophisticated you have countless options for a night on the town:

  1. Beauty Bar
  2. Gramercy Terrace
  3. Gupshup
  4. L’Express
  5. Ampersand

There are options for those who are self-professed foodies to those who strictly live to eat, pray, and love.

Ready, Set, Gramercy Apartments!

Now that you’ve had a little taste of what this exuberant location has to offer, it’s time to look into joining the community. Whether it’s because you want to hold the keys to the wrought iron gates or engage in a suburban lifestyle with city accents, this is an incredible place to  live.

Allow yourself to be guided into a private land while being steps away from the busiest parts of New York City.

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