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Hudson Yards: On the Street – Episode 6

Welcome to another addition of our acclaimed Web series. This week we bring you the famed Hudson Yards development project, a development unlike any other in United States History.

At a cost of more than $15 billion dollars, Hudson Yards is the largest private real estate development in the United States by square footage.

This massive development project will become home to a variety of new properties. These include residential, commercial, hotel and retail developments. 

In fact, Neiman Marcus, the luxury clothing retailer will be opening a location in the Hudson Yards vicinity. This neighborhood will have it all!

If you are a real estate buyer looking to purchase in Manhattan, look no further than Hudson Yards.

Spearheaded by the Related Companies and Oxford Properties, a major equity investor, this development is a game-changer for Manhattan’s West Side. After completion, this neighborhood will rival any in New York City and then some!

In many ways, Hudson Yards is similar to Japan’s Roppongi Hills in scale and use. 

The location of Hudson Yards is outstanding. With close access to major transportation hub, Penn Station, this neighborhood is ideal for commuters and those working in Manhattan.

For those looking for a quick jog in the morning, Hudson Yards boasts close proximity to the West Side promenade.  A future man-made beach is also in the works.

This edition of “On the Street” posed may challenges. It was an extremely cold day in New York City during our film session. We also had to battle the loud and noisy construction taking place nearby. Fortunately, our film crew was up to the task. 

As a passionate Real Estate Broker and aspiring Real Estate reports, it was gratifying to complete this video on such a trying day.

Hudson Yards Facts

  • Developed by Related Companies and Oxford Properties 
  • Larges private real estate development project
  • Residential and commercial developments

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