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Buying A Hamptons House Investment? What Town is Right for You?

You’ve hit the jackpot and are ready to buy one of the Hamptons luxury homes for sale on the market! But you have a big decision to make. There are so many towns in the South Fork of Long Island. Which Hamptons do I choose? As a lifelong visitor of the Hamptons there are many differences and benefits to each town. Depending on your lifestyle, you may have reason to choose one over the other. Do you have children? Are you looking to explore nightlife? Where do your friends live? How far do you need to be from Manhattan? All of the these questions are critical to location you will ultimately choose for your Hamptons home purchase. As a result, we are here to help guide you through the process and make certain that you understand the positives and negatives of each area.

The Due Diligence Phase: Which Town is Right For You? Explore Locations Before Beginning Your Hamptons Luxury Homes for Sale Search



WestHampton Beach 

This lovely town is the closest Hampton to New York City. For those looking to shave an hour off their drive and have a quick commute to and from the City, Westhampton might be right for you. If you want luxury, look no further than Dune Road on Westhampton Beach. Depending on your desired view, one can purchase a stunning luxury pad on the Ocean or the Bay across the Street. Additionally, the Town of Westhampton Beach has recently been modernized and outfitted with upscale shops and stores. And if you play Golf, there is no better local Club that Hampton Hills Country Club. Some favorite places include:



One of the most desired towns in all of the Hamptons, Quiogue offers luxury homes in a quaint setting. With several family members residing in this area, Quiogue has always been one of my preferred destinations. Sprawling luxury homes exist, while others are situated in more wooded locations. Quiogue is extremely private and offers residents access to it’s premier beach on Dune Road. It is within close proximity to Manhattan and offers a very relaxed and upscale vibe. Our favorite restaurants include the following:


Hampton Bays

A great location that has always played second fiddle to some of the other Towns including nearby Westhampton. Considered a working class area with low lying areas susceptible to flooding, Hampton Bays has always been less expensive. However, that has started to change with an accumulation of affordable prices looking for a second home during the summer season. Hampton Bays is positioned in an excellent location and offers prime Oceanfront homes overlooking the Atlantic. If you are in the Town of Hampton Bays and starving for a good meal, we recommend the following:




Originally founded in 1640, the village of SouthHampton offers so much history and charm. While it’s further than Westhampton, it is still within 2 hours from Manhattan. The homes can be magnificent and if you can afford the exclusive Street of Gin Lane, you will certainly never want to leave this Town. Properties in SouthHampton tend to offer for more land as the geographic location is more spread out. It’s the perfect bend of Country and Ocean.

Featuring luxury car dealerships and an array of retail stores for your everyday needs, SouthHampton is a very practical community for year-round living. Some upscale establishments include:



For the right price, Jerry Seinfeld or Martha Stewart can be your neighbor. Take a drive down celebrity lane and view the sprawling mansions hidden by Trees and private security gates. Whether you are a multi-millionaire planning to live near the Georgica Pond or and Artist desiring a more modest home in the Springs, EastHampton has something to offer for everyone.

EastHampton certainly has a rich History with generational homeowners, but the Village has become young and fresh during the past decade.



Famous for its world-class riding events, such as the Hamptons Classic and the Bridgehampton Polo Club matches, this 13.5-square-mile hamlet is an ideal second-home to the equine elite. Solidly upscale but still accessible, Bridgehampton is the place to go for those who have it, but don’t necessarily feel the need to flaunt it.



Listed as one of the most expensive towns in the United States, Watermill offers stunning views of Mecox Bay. It is the only town to have a functioning Watermill and Windmill. If you are the elite of the elite, you may want to consider a home in Watermill if you can find something available. We recommend:


Sag Harbor

Perhaps the quaintest town in all of the Hamptons, Sag Harbor founded in the early 1700’s is a wonderful village for both year-round and summer vacationers. Sag Harbor became a major port for the whaling industry, and the processing and sale of this oil. By 1789 Sag Harbor had “had more tons of square-rigged vessels engaged in commerce than even New York City.”[7] It had become an international port. We recommend:



Oceanfront Condos at their finest. Amagansett offers an array beautiful Apartments and beachside Hotels on the water. If you are looking for a small getaway close to the top of the South Fork, Amagansett might be the perfect place for you. The town is charming, restaurants are excellent and it features one of the most famous music venues in the Country.



It’s the end of the world. While Montauk offers a Jersey Shore vibe filled with share-houses, it also features plenty of secluded private residences tucked away in their own nestled locations. Montauk is the farthest Town of all the Hamptons and depending on the traffic, it may take 3.5 hours to arrive. But that shouldn’t stop you as their are plenty of restaurants to stop by along the way. Once you do arrive, it will feel as if you are in a different State and all of your troubles will be forgotten. And if you do make it that far East, check out the following places:



As you can see, there are many towns to choose from before placing Hamptons luxury homes for sale in your search criteria. Each location offers a different experience. They are all great places to live, but matching the area with your lifestyle is the most critical choice.

For the past twenty years, we have developed expertise in the Hamptons Real Estate market. Please contact us below to discuss your next Hamptons purchase!





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