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New York City Buyers Agent

Working with a New York City Buyers Agent can be critical to the success of your purchase. Representing both parties, buyer and seller, can be a difficult task to manage. There are a few Brokers that may be able to negotiate fairly on the behalf of both parties. However, more often than not, one side wins and the other loses. The key is finding a New York City Buyers Agent that can represent you well.

The responsibility of the sellers Agent is to provide fiduciary responsibility to the seller. Their concern is to obtain the highest price for the seller and the best terms. As a New York City Buyers Agent, my goal, when representing a purchaser is to always represent the buyer in the highest capacity.

We strongly recommend selecting a New York Buyers Agent to help with your next Real Estate transaction.

13 Key Reasons to Work with a New York City Buyer’s Agent

  1. It’s Free! – There is no cost to a buyer. The seller pays the fee. Additionally, a buyer will not save money by going directly to a sellers Agent. The sellers Agent will still collect the full commission, as they have a previous signed agreement with the seller
  2. Exclusive Buyer’s Representation – We work directly for you
  3. Fiduciary responsibility – A seller’s agent has fiduciary responsibility to the seller. Approaching a seller’s agent will not result in your interest when it comes to negotiating price.
  4. Extensive Coop & Condo Board package – Lengthy and complicated board package completion. An experienced New York City Buyers Agent will make certain your board package is presented properly to ensure approval
  5. Tools & Resources – Exclusive tools & technology available to JSG Realty that may real estate firms do not have
  6. Negotiating Skills – Buyers agents negotiate hard for our clients to get the best price
  7. Disclosure of Information – Buyers agents verify all information and details that may not be disclosed to you by the sellers agent as a direct buyer
  8. Market Analysis and Comparables – A buyer’s agent provides data & analytics to ensure a wise investment purchase and not pay above market value
  9. Daily extensive searches – Buyers agents conduct multiple database searches not available to the public, along with knowledge of off-market properties.
  10. Co-Op Board Prep – We provide what to say and not to say and we role play the interview process with you
  11. Financial Review – Review your financial documents to properly determine your budget and creating flexible way to finance your Apartment, taking into account proper reserves you need to satisfy a co-op or condo board and bylaws
  12. Trusted Vendors – Introduction to trusted vendors including mortgage brokers, attorneys, title companies, appraisers, contractors, architects and more
  13. Honesty, Integrity and Professional Experience

In New York City, competition for Apartments is fierce. It is critical to have a Broker that you can trust at your fingertips. We have seen many buyers and sellers suffer from poor representation. Hiring a New York City Buyers Agent is key to a successful outcome.




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