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  • 49 North 8th Street

North 8th Street. A Gem Block in Williamsburg

As a designated Streeteasy and Zillow expert for 49 North 8th Street, this particular block offers serenity and charm. While some streets in North Williamsburg are busier than others, North 8th is filled with privacy, trees and a boutique European feel.  In fact, the Orchard Trees in front of this very building are extremely unique and special for this neighborhood.

With close proximity to the L train and Kent Street ferry system, the 49 North 8th luxury development offers easy access to various destinations in the Tri-State area. It is an excellent location and the large Apartments are well suited for all types of living.

For those that may not be aware, 49 North 8th Street was one of the first Toll Brothers projects in the Brooklyn, Manhattan area. With 40 luxury Condominium units, it has a more peaceful vibe than some of the larger developments in the neighborhood. I cannot stress the excellence of this location enough. It is a superb part of North Williamsburg!

49 North 8th Street Unique Features

  • Boutique lobby
  • 25 car parking garage for residents
  • Fully equipped fitness center
  • State-of-the-art stainless kitchen appliances including Sub-Zero refrigerators, Thermador cook tops and ovens Bosch dishwashers, microwave and other quality finishes
  • Many of the units have striking views of the East River Park, Manhattan skyline and the East River

When I sold Apartment 3G and others at 49 North 8th Street several years back, it served two important purposes. Not only did the building provide an excellent place to live, but served as a wonderful investment as well. Due to a tax abatement placed in the building in 2007, the taxes were extremely low. It provided a very attractive break-even price and rate of return for the investor.

For example, the Owner of Apartment 3G achieves a net profit of roughly $5,000/Month. This does not include the income from the parking spot. Since the common charges and taxes are very low for this location, it provides excellent investment opportunity. As a buyer, if one decides to rent the unit in the future, it affords an attractive revenue stream which is incredibly important. In addition, the location offers premier eateries for all types of cuisine.

North Williamsburg Recommended Restaurants

For those interested in viewing further, we have provided a gallery below of unit 3G and the building. If Brooklyn piques your interest, this neighborhood provides an outstanding place to live.

If you are looking to purchase at 49 North 8th Street, please contact us to further discuss. We look forward to hearing from you!



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