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Meatpacking District: On the Street – Episode 4

This edition of “On the Street” takes us to the Meatpacking district just below Midtown West.

Once the home of nations largest meatpacking facilities, this area has transformed drastically during the past few decades.

Meatpacking district is now a place filled with nightlife, hotels, bars and restaurants. There are outstanding retail locations including the Apple store, Hugo Boss and now the brand new Starbucks Roastery, as some describe as the Willy Wonka of Coffee manufacturing.

The Meatpacking area essentially runs roughly from West 14th Street south to Gansevoort Street, and from the Hudson River east to Hudson Street. It extends further north to West 17th Street, east to Eighth Avenue, and south to Horatio Street.

In the early 1900’s this neighborhood was home to 250 slaughterhouses and packing plants. During this time, nearly one third of all meats in the United States were packed in the Meatpacking District.

Unfortunately, in the 1960s, the Meatpacking district area began to decline as part of the overall decline of the waterfront area along with changes in the distribution patterns in Meatpacking industry in general.

At the same time, nightclubs and other entertainment areas popped up. During the 1980s, as the industrial activities in the area continued their downturn, this neighborhood became a center for a lot of illegal activities.

Toward the end of the 1990’s, the Meatpacking district transformed into a boutique and edgy retail corridor with shops such as Dian Von Furstenberg, Alexander McQueen and others.

By 2003, out of 250 twentieth-century slaughterhouses and packing plants in the area, only 35 remained.

Over time, this neighborhood has become one of my favorite locations in Manhattan. This is prime real estate for any developer, Apartment buyer or retail location.

I hope you enjoy this video. Please contact me for any real estate needs at garayrealestate@gmail.com

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