Real Estate News

Unlike any other City in the world, New York is a different animal when it comes to purchasing or selling Real Estate. There are many moving parts, ruthless negotiations and various parties you fear to trust.

Many people under estimate the value of great Broker and are often tempted to push the deal forward as much as they can on their own, but there are certain nuances and critical items that are best left to a Broker that is in your corner.

I suppose its no different than visiting a Physician versus googling online your symptoms and course of treatment.

The truth is a Broker does a lot more than simply showing the Apartment. In the modern era of Real Estate, a Broker is a consultant and so much more.

Some invaluable assets to a Broker include:

– Invaluable investment and consulting advice
– Trusted network of resources to complete a deal
– Negotiation of key terms including closing date or delays
– Pipeline off-market properties

While it can certainly be challenging to find a Broker you can trust, if you find one that cares and pours their heart into it, you will have not only have a Broker, but a friend for life.